Professions That Are Dominating Instagram Space

Social media interaction continues to dominate the online space and most business owners, both small and big are already using it in their ventures. Some of the top social platforms based on the number of users are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Instagram appeals to people across different generations and no wonder it overtook others that have been there for longer. When a developer launches an application, he or she always has a target group and Instagram is no different. This changes with time and some professions dominate over others. The following are some professionals who are dominating the Instagram space.

    1. Entertainers

The word refers to various people in the creative space such as poets, musicians, event organizers and songwriters just to mention a few. Such people will use this platform to make their brands known, introduce new pieces of work or even carry out campaigns for various causes. A musician, for instance, can upload a teaser of the latest recording and then link people to the entire piece through the biography section. Posting on Instagram is free but you can always use sponsored posts to reach a wider audience. Set an advertising budget and promote those posts that are important to your brand.

    1. Marketers

Not too long, when people heard about marketing all they could think about was personal selling, billboards, TV ads, advertising and posters. This has changed and we now have digital marketing which is rhyming well with this internet age. Marketers now have a new spot and Instagram is among the top channels for promoting brands. As a marketer, you need to ensure that you have a big number of followers to succeed in this endeavor. Using a growth tool such as Managed Social is thus crucial because your account is handled by humans. You can focus on content creation and worry less about growth and engagement.

    1. Designers

This group is responsible for the designing of the most of the visuals that we see on a daily basis. Think about web designers, graphic designers and architects and other creatives in this field. Potential customers want to have a feel for the project before they make the decision of either to use a product or not. Instagram provides a forum where designers can post videos and screenshots of their works and let potential clients judge it. Fashion designers are also making a killing on this space by converting followers to buyers.