Instagram Tips to Take you to the Next Level

You have some followers on your Instagram account. However, you’d love to get more because you know it is one of the ways to become famous. Also, you want your post to attract engagement, comments, and likes. Well, it’s not that hard, but you have to embark on the right strategy. Here’s how;

Know When to Post

See, you want your posts to get viewed by as many followers as possible, right? Keep in the mind that the more the people who see your content, the higher the engagement. Plus, you’re likely to get more likes, comments and follows if you expose your posts to a broader audience.

It is, therefore, essential that you figure out when the best time to post is. Determine the lifestyle patterns of your audience and potential clients to know when they’re likely to be online. Speaking of which, you can find more about the best time to post on Instagram at

Create a Stellar Profile Image

See, no one will look at your Instagram profile twice if you’re using a dull image. In other words, make your first impression as good as you can. That way, you will entice a potential follower or customer to look inside to see your content, comments and so on. Ensure that you describe yourself, brand or product in your bio. The secret is to keep interesting and to the point.

Place Links on Your Profile

You want your potential followers to visit your website or blog, so you need to place a link on your profile. For starters when you add a # or @ in your bio, you will create a live link that leads to your hashtag page or another account.

Use Captions in Your Post

You need to include a caption in your posts if you want more success on Instagram. Make sure that your caption is short, catchy and easy to understand. Statistics indicate that short captions create quick impact and can inspire an emotional response. If you choose to use long captions, be sure to include an image to establish a deeper connection with your audience.

The Bottom Line

Of course, you will have to dig deeper than the three strategies above to propel your Instagram greater heights. However, these offer an excellent place to start. After all, you need to perfect the basics to place yourself on the right launch pad for Instagram success.